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Karren L. Freedman




  • Multi-million dollar settlement involving a 453 unit luxury apartment complex with significant water intrusion.
  • Major settlement of dormitories involving multiple parties and multiple defects including window leaks and improperly sloped infill decks.
  • Bay area single family luxury home with claims of window, deck and roof leaks.
  • Concrete tilt-up wall commercial condominiums with leaks at windows and roofs and through the walls.
  • Single family luxury home in Blackhawk with allegations of multiple construction defects.
  • 200+ condominium development in San Jose alleging leaks and significant HVAC defects.
  • Luxury single family home in San Francisco with defective EIFS system.
  • Storage facility with complaints of leaks into the individual storage units and non-compliance with ADA.
  • Leaks in straw bale single family home during installation of windows.
  • Significant damage to homes and streets caused by a landslide resulting from the construction of a massive earthen berm.
  • Large automobile dealership developed significant cracks in the foundations.